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29/08/2012 - A DBH guestbook

It's been a while since our guestbook last worked (Posts are dating back from 2006!) so I decided to have a look at why it was bugged and fixed it :).

28/09/2009 - Crakerjack's Blog!

If you thought I was joking about the updates guess again.. Today we bring you Crakerjack's Blog! He started it a couple months ago and now it's here for everybody to see. Make sure you check it out, just click on his banner in our Links section or follow this link.

13/08/2009 - New members!

We're proud to welcome six new members into the DaRKBRoTHeRHooD! Watch your back if you see Athyrnox, Axoloto, Darboran, Scarloc Asrai, Tallie or Umbrage. They are the best of the best and will kill you in an instant without notice or mercy! Be sure to check out the members section for their profiles.

Also from now on the site will be updated more frequently and we have some exciting new plans for the site so keep coming back to your favorite hangout place on the internet.

27/08/2008 - DaRKBRoTHeRHooD Still Alive & Kicking!

Well, I'm certain someone noticed our website has not been updated as often as we'd like! Normally the task of maintainance is entrusted upon MaDNeSS' shoulders, but the burden can be quite heavy, at times, apparently.

So that's why I, Skyrim, am writing this post, to let you all know that even though things constantly happen, they might not always end up being told about on this website.

As you might have heard, we're working on a new adventure game called 'Way of Now' of which its gameplay will be in typical old-school adventure style, a la Lucasarts (Monkey Island I & II, Indiana Jones series, Maniac Mansion, etc.) and Sierra (Quest For Glory series, King's Quest series, etc.). I know I haven't finished either browser-based game I was working on yet, Shells & Mighty Blob, but I'm sure I'll round off those projects at some point in the future.

The music for this new game will be digitally composed by TiMBO (and trust me, these are some catchy tunes!), whilst ToRMeNT will be doing the main character's sprites and some additional artwork. All in all it tends to get very promising, at least to us, and the fact I'm developing this game in the AGS (Adventure Game Studio - environment allows me to work fast and efficient, meaning that this game might actually end up for download faster than you can say, and I quote:
"Hastily urgency is rarely good." - Philipe, lead character starring in Way of Now.

On a side note, I just wish you a happy surfing time and please do keep checking back, because this site will be maintained more often from now on!

20/08/2006 - BRaK & Unleashed Fury moved!

Finally Brak & UF found an apartment for themselves a couple weeks ago and look what ToRMeNT has drawn on BRaK's wall.

Updates to the pictures section happen without notification in the news section so be sure to keep checking that out once in a while. Recently a lot of new game pics & birthdayparty pics have been added to the collection. Finally..let us know what you think about the site at our guestbook, thanks!

30/04/2006 - Update!

Yes yes, another update :) Once again a couple memberpage and picture updates, these get updated more often without notification though so keep checking in here once in a while :)
A couple other updates are on the way, more pictures ofcourse from birthday parties, DBH days out & newyearsday. The project page will be updated too, outdated projects will be removed and new projects are on the way. Skyrim is working on a new browser based game called 'Mighty Blob' with graphics done by ToRMeNT, 'Shells' will no longer be worked on.
And guess what.. Dransik is back online since a couple weeks! You can catch a lot of us playing there if you decide to check it out :)
Here's a little sneak peek on 'Mighty Blob'.

25/12/2005 - New website layout!

Hi all! We're proud to announce that we've entirely changed the look of our website, as you might have noticed! You can always still use the old site if preferred by following the link in the bottom left corner, and switch back. Ofcourse, we'd appreciate it if you share your thoughts and comments on this new layout, either in the Contact or the Guestbook section :) Thanks and enjoy browsing our renewed website!

13/09/2005 - Welcome back MaXXo!!

We hope you're still alive & kicking and in one piece. Seems like you had your share of fun reading the guestbook.. Welcome back once more and easy on spending all that money eh rich boy ;) Now on a sidenote.. The old Dransik is back online, though it is now called ahem.. 'Lothgar Online'. Lot of us are playing it again so feel free to join in on the fun :)

08/08/2005 - Update!

Finally, another news update. Though there haven't been news updates lately, there have been some updates going on with the site. We updated the interface and layout. SkyriM finally made a guestbook so everybody can leave a message now. Member pages have been updated and SkyriM is working on a flash intro for the site. Pictures section has been updated and split up in different categories. Links will be updated soon and more pictures will be added. Games we are currently playing are: Conquer Online, Dark Throne, Unreal Tournament, Ultima VI Online and Dark Eden.

07/08/2005 - Congrats MaDNeSS

Though his birthday was yesterday the party was today. Most DBH members and a couple other people were there. We had a nice time and pictures of the party will be added shortly.

06/08/2005 - LAN party

Today we held a LAN party at TRiuMPH's house. Not really big with 6 people total, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Games we played are: Battle for Middle Earth, Warcraft 3 and Chaos Overlords. We forgot to make any pictures but we did make a couple screenshots.

07/03/2005 - R.I.P. Jadenrayne...

Jadenrayne, daughter of our own Austin, has left the realms of the earth today due to a heart-attack. We wish to give our condoleances to all her beloved family and friends. Even though she is lost, she's not gone.

"Life is beautiful, my child,
Though many things go wrong,
And you may hear much sadness in
Its strange and lovely song.
Though friends and loved ones die, my child,
They're never really gone.
Nor more nor less than yesterday,
In you they will live on.

They will live on in you, my child,
As everything you see,
Though it must vanish, will remain
Alive in memory.

Alive in what you think and feel
And dream and say and do,
For all who ever were still are
Upon this earth in you."
- Nicholas Gordon

28/09/2004 - Congratulations CRaKeRJaCK

Congrats from all DBH members over here, may you live long and happily till the end of your days :) We also congratulate all other members that had their birthday ;) Now for a little present for CRaKeRJaCK :

PS: More updates will follow shortly, so check out this site once in a while ;)

18/04/2004 - Update

Today we have updated the member section, added new info on all members. We also made thumbnails of all the pictures on the site so it should load faster now (especially the pictures section). Also changed the layout a bit, you might not even notice it but it's better than before ;) Frodo is working on his RPG once again, and soon we're gonna add some new pictures. So stay tuned !

17/04/2004 - Happy birthday GhostDog !

This is a good time for a celebration, 'cause it's GhostDog's birthday and exactly one year since our last news update ! We've kept updating pics, members and other sections, but news wouldn't come somehow ;) Anyway, we're still alive and kicking. Skyrim is still working on shells with help from ToRMeNT & FRoDo. And we've started our DBH UT clan once again, check here. That's it for now, keep checking this site out for new updates !
Oh, here's a little present for you GhostDog ;)

17/04/2003 - Happy birthday GhostDog !

Congrats from all the DBH for our good friend GhostDog, may you live in good health for many years to come :)

18/02/2003 - DBH domain !

Thanks to Skyrim we got our own domain now ! We moved the site and changed the layout a bit, hope you like it :)

10/02/2003 - New member

Although we know him some time now, today he had the honour of joining the DBH. And we had the honour to welcome him to the DBH. So...welcome Unleashed Fury :)

31/01/2003 - Brinkster Account [dbhpage] reached its limit on 1/30/2003

This is an automated message generated to inform you that yesterday your site [dbhpage] reached its maximum daily data transfer/bandwidth limit of 16.7 MB and was stopped at or about 05:49(EDT).
Looks like we need a new host :P

17/10/2002 - DBH expands...

Today Parasite joined the DBH and made us (a little bit :) stronger. Soon we will conquer the world !

09/10/2002 - Members update

Started uploading members info...SkyriM was first, see for yourself at Members => Skyrim

04/10/2002 - Update!

Yeah finally updated the site again ;) First we welcome CRaCKeRJaCK to the DBH. He's a good friend of GHoSTDoG and we know him for a long time now, he joined a couple of months ago. He also made us a nice new DBH banner...thx dude :)

Long time since the last update, we added a couple of new pictures, changed the layout a bit, added some new files to the Archive section and updated the Links page. We also removed the irritating midi's ;) We're still working on some member stuff so the Members section will be updated soon too.

We stopped playing Dransik because it got Pay 2 Play, but we found a cool online RPG 'Dragon Court'. Most of us are playing that now, we already got the DBH up there and we're ranked in the top 100 of all guilds ! If you want to play it check out the Links.

We've had a couple of birthday's too, congratz TaLeNTeD, WaRSTeaM, PAiNLeSS, MaDNeSS & SHaNDaL.

Next update coming soon so stay tuned !

24/03/2002 - Flash

SHaNDaL made a flash movie and you can see it here

18/03/2002 - Dransik

DBH is up again in Dransik. Dransik is open beta again so almost all DBH members are playing again (till we get banned :). Link to dransik page is coming soon..

16/03/2002 - MaX dead

MaXXo's hellhound died today. He was sick and beyond help so they decided to let him pass away..

02/03/2002 - Back online

Our internet connection was down for two weeks but today we fixed the problem and we're back online. The site will be frequently updated again from now on.

19/02/2002 - Darts

After school MaDNeSS & Painless went to MaXXo's house and started to play some darts. Things were going allright but Painless wasn't throwing very well, or not aiming or something. He kept hitting the wall and the arrows bounced back all the time. In the end the wall had a few extra holes and MaXXo had a nice new hole in his knee ! Good job Painless :)

17/02/2002 - Webcam

MaDNeSS was bored so he began playing with the webcam and then found Movie Maker. After a couple test movies ToRMeNT, HeXoR & MaDNeSS made a couple of small movies. Maybe we'll post 'em here at the download section, not for sure yet though..we'll see.

16/02/2002 - Work

MaDNeSS & FRoDo helped an acquaintance of FRoDo who moved to another house. We scrubbed off wallpaper all midday and had a nice time, a pity FRoDo didn't work that hard so MaDNeSS had to do most of the work but luckily MaDNeSS can handle anything ;) ToRMeNT was supposed to help too but he had to fix some bikes he broke the day before...yeah he really is a smart guy :�

15/02/2002 - New pics

We made some new DBH pics today at MaXXo's place. Keep an eye out at the pictures gallery they'll be uploaded very soon from now.

14/02/2002 - Finished room

Today was a big day for MaXXo & the DBH. MaXXo's room was finished and it really looks cool, as we said before it's our new hide-out and we all like it a lot. Good work MaXXo. Thx go to ToRMeNT, FRoDo & MaXXo's parents & family. Here's what ik looks like now.

13/02/2002 - Gaming

We played Jones In The Fast Lane a couple of times today, ToRMeNT, WaRSTeaM, Painless, FRoDo & MaDNeSS battled for the no. 1 place in a 4 player hot seat game. First MaDNeSS, ToRMeNT & FRoDo played, then ToRMeNT had to cook so WaRSTeaM & Painless joined the game. We had a lot of phun this game kickz ass & we'll definitely do this again soon.

12/02/2002 - Might & Magic 6

MaDNeSS finally finished Might & Magic 6 today ! Here's the end screen shot.

09/02/2002 - DBH Catapult

Today MaDNeSS, WoLFMaN, ToRMeNT & FRoDo built a miniature catapult. Here's what it looks like.

09/02/2002 - Moving in

FRoDo's father moved to his new house today and he'd asked us to help so that's what we did. FRoDo, ToRMeNT, SaTaN & MaDNeSS helped unloading the first load. We had to wait a couple hours till the next truck arrived so we played Magic. SaTaN had to go earlier so he left and ToRMeNT, FRoDo & MaDNeSS unloaded the next and last load. Afterwards we ate some fast food at the local snackbar.

06/02/2002 - DBH Banner

From now on HeXoR will work on the new banner so ToRMeNT can focus on the flash intro.

05/02/2002 - Reinforcements have arrived

We welcome Painless to the DBH as our new member. We all know him and we're glad he finally joined the DBH.

04/02/2002 - New home

We moved our site to a new server. From now on is hosting our site.

02/02/2002 - SkyriM's Birthday

Today SkyriM celebrates his 15th anniversary ! congratz from all the DBH.

31/01/2002 - Site started

Officially started the DBH page today.

18/01/2002 - ToRMeNT broke his nose :)

Today ToRMeNT had a military training course. He had to take a pioneerpole all the way, but somewhere on the course he had a little accident (brainlezz monkey) with the pole and he broke his nose. He's awaiting surgery now...bwahahaha

12/01/2002 - DBH Streetfight

We were walking home after a cool party at Kim's place. When suddenly 11 r&b loving fools came cycling by. They were looking for trouble so they stopped and kicked ToRMeNT in the back. ToRMeNT went insane and started beating up the fool who kicked him. Then all the pieces of shit came to ToRMeNT at once. ARGoTH kicked one sucker over his bike, MaXXo pounded another one on the head a couple of times and then FRoDo threw him away and ToRMeNT & MaDNeSS beated up 5 guys. Then finally it got through to them that they never even had a chance so they fled like the chickens they are. None of the DBH was wounded.

04/01/2002 - Evil ToRMeNT!!

When MaDNeSS left his room for a sec, ToRMeNT sneaked in and did some evil things.

29/12/2001 - Killed Lothgar

Today MaDNeSS was playing Dransik when Lothgar was playing too. MaDNeSS planned to kill him with a couple of KH members, in the end only MaDNeSS attacked Lothgar but lamer/weakling Lothgar still got killed. Crybaby Lothgar then kicked and banned MaDNeSS from Dransik for no reason at all. Was that the end of Dransik for MaDNeSS ? ;)